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Going Green

Going Green

Our Commitment

NEC Laboratories Europe is committed to using
energy and resources efficienty.

As a part of the NEC 2030VISION for a sustainable global environment, we introduced environmentally friendly measures at our head office in Heidelberg, Germany.

Our green initiatives include:

  • Switching to hydropower for 100% green energy
  • Monitoring of power consumption through intelligent electricity meters
  • LED lighting in all offices
  • Subsidies for staff who use public transportation
  • Bike leasing
  • Preferred use of lower emission-emitting and electric company vehicles
  • Recycling of electronic material
  • Reduction in hardware disposal
Awareness and compliance
  • Environmental compliance program
  • Environmental training
  • Guidelines on how to save energy and resources
  • Switch to plastic-free office suppliesy
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents

Energy use and e-waste snapshot

According to the International Energy Agency, data centers and data transmission networks each accounted for 1% to 1.5% of global electricity use in 2021, while the European Environment Agency reported that for 2022 road transportation constituted 77% of overall EU transportation emissions.1,2

In 2021, the European Parliament identified electronics and electrical waste (e-waste) as the fastest growing waste stream in the EU, with less than 40% being recycled.3


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