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Who We Are

Who We Are

A History of Innovation

NEC is a leader in information and communications technology (ICT), improving lives since its inception in 1899. A global company, NEC’s achievements include the discovery of carbon nanotubes, the demonstration of a solid-state quantum bit operation and the creation of Earth Simulator: the world’s fastest supercomputer system for processing complex, larger scale simulations used to help solve global environmental problems.

NEC technology is present from the ocean floor to outer space. It has installed more than 400,000 kilometres of submarine cables (enough to encircle the earth 10 times), and designed and manufactured Japan’s first satellite, Ohsumi. More recently, NEC co-developed the asteroid explorer Hayabusa, which brought asteroid samples back to Earth in a world first.

A pioneer of artificial intelligence (AI), NEC develops novel AI technologies and innovative solutions, conceived and nurtured by its global network of seven research laboratories.

NEC Laboratories Europe

Established in 1997, NEC Laboratories Europe conducts fundamental and applied research guided the NEC 2030Vision. Key principles include improving: the environment, society and our daily lives. We address some of society’s most pressing challenges by developing cutting-edge technology in AI, digital health, information and communications technology, and security.

The environment
Daily Lives

Located in Heidelberg Germany, as well as Barcelona, Spain, and Madrid, NEC Laboratories Europe is committed to NEC’s value statement “Truly Open, Truly Trusted,” and are strong proponents of open innovation. We regularly collaborate with leading universities, research institutes and the European Union to help transform technology and advance Europe’s digital agenda for 2030. We frequently collaborate with Horizon Europe, the European Union’s key funding program for research and innovation, dedicated to tackling climate change, helping achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and enhancing EU competitiveness and growth.

Many technologies require standard architectures, data models, protocols and interfaces. NEC Laboratories Europe plays a significant role in helping plan technology of the future. We collaborate with leading standards development organizations (SDOs) and industry alliances to develop new technology standards in areas such as O-RAN, IOWN and multiaccess edge computing (MEC).

Our Management Team

Dr. Jürgen Quittek
Dr. Jürgen Quittek
Managing Director
Roberto Baldessari, MBA
General Manager
Dr. Saverio Niccolini
General Manager,
Research and Development

Research is in our DNA

Research is the heart of NEC’s success and our mission. We include leading methodologies like design thinking in NEC’s innovation cycles. Our researchers choose their projects, lead scientific discovery, regularly present their results at top, peer-reviewed scientific conferences, and drive their adoption by international standardization bodies.

Data science is our largest area of research and includes computational biology for digital health, materials informatics, human-centric AI, public safety and digital government. Our other research areas include 6G Networks, security, data ecosystems, and intelligent software systems, which looks at new ways to improve software and network efficiency.

Rapid advances in AI are transforming all aspects of society. Our human-centric AI research aims at providing trustworthy AI. Using explainable AI, we develop scientific methods that help us understand how AI systems work and why they make the recommendations they do. Our research in natural language processing improves computer capabilities to process large amounts of written language text.

Beyond traditional deep learning, we are pursuing machine learning for computation-intensive modelling and simulation tasks. By integrating machine learning we intend to make simulation-based modelling more efficient and data-driven.

Our security research addresses the latest in data security and privacy concerns. Our work gives organizations and users control over their data while making systems resilient against internal and external attack. As a blockchain competence center for NEC Corporation, our core research forms the foundation of NEC blockchain.

Discoveries that we make improve the privacy, robustness and scalability of trusted distributed storage and transactions.

Advances in 5G and 6G cellular technology and network virtualization are driving the next generation of high-speed, low latency services. As key contributors to the O-RAN Alliance and NEC Open Networks, we are fully committed to solving the most challenging problems of Open RAN (O-RAN) and virtual RAN (vRAN). Our work includes advancing AI in network architecture, virtualizing network base stations (to overcome the need for dedicated processors) and improving RAN resource management and orchestration.

Representing over 25 countries, our teams are highly collaborative, with a global perspective on technology research and development.

Our purpose

NEC strives to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. NEC Laboratories Europe contributes to this by empowering our scientists as innovators to grow and address societal challenges through research excellence.

The NEC way

As an NEC Group company we follow The NEC Way, the set of values that underpins NEC operations and vision for the future and it’s Truly Open, Truly Trusted philosophy. We are strongly committed to respecting the diversity of our staff and their privacy and ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

Learn more about the NEC WAY.

Learn more about the NEC WAY.


NEC creates the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

Code of Conduct

The NEC code of conduct encompasses:

  1. Basic position or core code of conduct standards that all NEC employees follow
  2. Respect for human rights
  3. Environmental preservation
  4. Business activities with integrity
  5. Management of the company's assets and information
  6. Consultation and reporting on doubts and concerns about compliance


The Founding Spirit of "Better Products, Better Services" is committed to uncompromising integrity and respect for human rights in its relentless pursuit of innovation.

Code of Values

NEC employees work within a code of values that encourages them to lead the way in creating value for society. These include:

  • Look Outward. See the Future.
  • Think Simply. Display Clear Strategy.
  • Be Passionate. Follow through to the End.
  • Move Fast. Never Miss an Opportunity.
  • Encourage Openness. Stimulate the Growth of All.
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