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Biomedical AI

Advancing medicine through the power of AI

Digital Health is a rapidly growing business for the NEC Group. In the Biomedical AI group, we address medical challenges from disease prevention, diagnosis through to treatment.

We have developed computational pipelines that combine bioinformatics and machine learning approaches to develop personalized cancer vaccines. These have been validated in wet-lab experiments and are currently being tested in clinical trials (see press release with Transgene). We also worked on a prophylactic vaccine that can provide protection for the global population against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 (see press release with NEC OncoImmunity AS)

Due to the interconnected nature of biomedical work, we particularly focus on graph-based AI methods that reveal hidden relationships of underlying data. We work with multi-modal data, such as high throughput omics data, in association with patient demographics, free text from clinical notes, time series observations from patient vital signs, gene regulatory networks, microbiome data and more.

We work closely with our partners across the globe. To further effective collaboration, we have established the Life Science Innovation Hub (LSIH), a virtual distributed center that orchestrates the functions of NEC’s AI Drug Development Division within Europe.